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v. as·so·ci·at·ed , as·so·ci·at·ing , as·so·ci·ates v. tr. 1. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to new thesaurus .

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we asked our uncle to relate the story of his visit to communist Russia many years ago. 3 to have a relation or connection. If two things are associated with each other it means they are more closely tied together. If they are related to each other it means they share certain common features. associated; attendant; coetaneous; coeval; coexistent; coexisting; coincident; concomitant; concurrent; connected; contemporaneous; current; linked; present; related; simultaneous; synchronal; synchronic; synchronous Similar or analogous in nature.

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There are several types of moisture that can cause peristomal moisture-associated dermatitis, including exposure to urine or stool, sweat, wound drainage, or other sources of water such as while bathing or swimming. As part of the pouching process, solid skin barriers are placed around the stoma to protect the underlying skin from detrimental components of the stoma output (urine or stool). race-related coverage. Reporting and writing about issues involving race calls for thoughtful consideration, precise language, and an openness to discussions with others of diverse backgrounds about how to frame coverage or what language is most appropriate, accurate and fair.

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X-kromosombunden hypofosfatemisk rakit - Socialstyrelsen

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Similar to the studies on disability retirement and self-reported and various measures of socio-economic disadvantages were associated with  Milla Räisänen: The interaction between self- and co-regulation of learning and study-related exhaustion during university studies. Zoom live stream.
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Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ) Registry. av M RASK-ANDERSEN · 2015 · Citerat av 2 — Determination of obesity associated gene variants related to TMEM18 through ultra-deep targeted re-sequencing in a case-control cohort for  Connected Intelligence is a group within Connected Systems at Scania R&D. In the solutions that democratize geospatial data and associated information. More from AP. ap.org · AP Insights · AP Definitive Source · AP Images Spotlight · AP Explore · AP Books.

we asked our uncle to relate the story of his visit to communist Russia many years ago. 3 … Define related. related synonyms, related pronunciation, related translation, English dictionary definition of related.
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Anxiety‐related factors associated with symptom severity in

in specific markets to stimulus packages and related business opportunities. of the energy related investments and opportunities associated with the USD 2  related pure compounds and their effects on food-associated microorganisms antibacterial and antifungal properties were associated with extracts of Pinus  An associated membership in Swerig is open to non-profit associations and does not Nordic Infracenter has the ambition to become a hub for railway related  Collaborative projects for research and innovation associated to the corona pandemic. Published Jun 04, 2020.